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A-500/Bodega Bay
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Mitch and his PAL C64.

My Projects:
Game Room Computer Rework.
Installing a MegaBIT ROM in my 128D.
Installing JiffyDOS in my 128D.
Enhanced Epyx Fastload.
Commodore Modem for BBSing.
Installing a CD-R to the A2000 HD.
New Kick ROM/CD-ROM in the A-500.
Fixing my 128.
Installing a Gotek drive to the A2000.
Installing JiffyDOS in my C128.
Apollo 2030 in the A2000HD.
Making an S-Video cable for a C64.
Fixing my dead C64C.
Behr-Bonz Multicart.
Free 1802 monitor!

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64/128 HW Pics.

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05/06/2016: Added a Flea Market/Yard Sale area.
04/01/2016: New setup! Moved a Breadbin 64 and a SX-64 to the living room.
04/01/2016: Added a uIEC/SD card to my C64C. (See C64C in My Systems)
03/12/2016: I'm now the proud owner of an SX-64!
02/23/2016: More upgrades to my C64C. (See C64C in My Systems)
02/17/2016: Got a free 1802 monitor! (See My Projects)
02/13/2016: Putting together a Berh-Bonz Multicart. (See My Projects)
02/11/2016: Fixing my broke C64C. (See My Projects)
02/09/2016: Put my NIC64+ into an old game cartridge. (See C64C in My Systems)
02/07/2016: Given a 64NIC+. Now crusing the web and #64friends on IRC. (See C64C in My Systems)
01/29/2016: Installed C64 with LCD monitor. (See C64C in My Systems)
01/27/2016: Building an S-Video cable for my C64C. (See under My Projects)
01/09/2016: My friend Mitch fixed my VIC-20. (Click on VIC-20)
10/07/2015: Added an Apollo 2030 to my A2000 HD.
09/16/2015: Bought a pair of Amiga Technology A4000 T computers.
Installed JiffyDOS in my C128.
09/13/2015: Bought 2 Amiga 500's with an AdIDE and a 52MB drive installed.
09/11/2015: Installed a Gotek drive into my A2000 HD.
09/09/2015: Rework of my Web Page to include system changes.
09/09/2015: Replaced my A500/Bodega Bay with a VIC-20.
09/08/2015: Fixed my spare 128. (Click on Fixing my 128).
09/06/2015: Ordered a set of Jiffy DOS chips for my 128.
09/01/2015: Ordered a GOETK drive for my A-2000.
08/29/2015: Replaced Kick ROM and added a CD-ROM to the A-500. (Click on A500/Bodega Bay)
08/28/2015: Thanks to "Howlin Alan" I picked up a nice C= 1084 monitor for the A-500.
08/16/2015: Finished the re-build of my A-500 in a Bodega Bay case.
08/13/2015: Installed a Matshita CW-7502 4X CD-R in the A2000 HD.
08/08/2015: Replaced the A2091 in the Amiga A2000 HD with one having 7.0 ROMs and 1MB RAM.
08/05/2015: Installed a Seagate Quantum 2.1GB drive in the A2000 HD, loaded OS 3.1 and Better Workbench.
07/25/2015: Upgraded the A2000 HD to ROM 3.1.
07/20/2015: Replaced the Bread Bin C64 with a C64C.
07/17/2015: Replaced the A-500/Bodega Bay with the A2000 HD.
07/17/2015: Purchased a near perfect A2000 HD with 2 floppy drives and a SupraRAM 2000 memory card w/4MB RAM installed.
06/29/2015: Replaced my small computer desk in my game room with a larger desk and installed a Windows XP PC, A-500 in a Bodega Bay Case, and a Bread Bin C64.

I first got started into computers in 1986 with the purchase of a Radio Shack COCO2. A few months later I bought a used C64, disk drive, modem and about 200 floppy disks.
Over the years I have owned many Commodore computers, Bread Bin C64's, 128's, 128D's, and a few Amiga models, several A500's, A1000, A1200, A4000, and a pimped out A2000 with a Derringer 68030/25, CD-ROM, A2030 Scan Doubler and 40MB of RAM. This went to my good friend Chris537, the sysop of the Anarchy Underground BBS.

My current systems.
The Living Room setup:
Breadbin C64 with a 1571 and a 1581 drive, 1351 mouse, Supra RS-232 Modem Interface and a 1902 monitor.
SX-64 with JIFFY DOS and a ROM Switcher/Reset module.

The Game Room setup:
C= C64C with 2 1541 drives (Jiffy DOS installed in all), Dell 20" LCD monitor, 1351 mouse, , Supra Modem Interface, 64NIC+, and a uIEC/SD.

C= VIC-20 Silver Label, VIC-1541 drive, C2N cassette drive, and a C= 1702 monitor.

C= C128, with 2 1571 drives (Jiffy DOS installed in all), Easy Flash V1 cartridge, Lbow cartridge port extender, a home made RS232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Null Modem adaptor built into an old Commodore 300 baud modem case, and a C= 1902 monitor.

Emachines PC running Windows XP with a 1541 drive for working with D64 images, it also runs AExplorer and BBS Server for telnet access for both Commodores.

I have a C=128D with JIFFY DOS and a MEGA BIT ROM and no room to set it up. YET!

I will update this page as I add new hardware or mods to my systems, so stay tuned....
Last updated 05/07/2016

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